» Installing Datalog Educational System


  1. Download Datalog Educational System (DES).

    • We recommend using versions built with SWI-Prolog, e.g. Windows or Unixes
  2. Unzip the archive to a folder of your choice.

  3. You can run DES in console mode (des.exe or des).

    • Unixes: File des needs execute permission:
      cd /path/to/des
      chmod +x des

    • Linux (Ubuntu): Note that DES might need the packages unixodbc-dev, unixodbc-bin and unixodbc. Install with:
      sudo apt-get install unixodbc-dev unixodbc-bin unixodbc

First steps:

  1. Start DES as described in the last steps above.

    • In subfolder doc you can find a manual: manualDES.pdf

    • In subfolder examples you can find many examples. The following examples are particularly interesting: bom.dl, family.dl, and flight.dl

  2. After starting DES:

    • /help gives you an overview of all the available commands. Particularly important are:
    • /r file loads a (e.g.) datalog program
    • /datalog goal solves a goal based on the loaded program

    • example:
      /r examples/family.dl
      /datalog ancestor(X,Y). (or just: ancestor(X,Y).)

    • In contrast, /prolog ancestor(X,Y). executes the goal as a Prolog program on a tuple by tuple basis

    • /q quits DES

Build own executable with SWI-Prolog:

We recommend using the pre-built packages as described above. However, you can also build your own executable for DES with SWI-Prolog. This requires an installation of SWI-Prolog 7.x.

  1. Download the source code of Datalog Educational System (DES).

  2. Follow the instructions in the Building Guide.